Arrived at Bandung station and it was rain. Not pouring hard but drizzle instead. Similar with Jakarta, Bandung also crowded when comes with Friday night and raining but, hey, it is Bandung. There is no room and no time for bad mood 😀

We agreed to spend our dinner here. All girls. I bet the conversation will fly back to our old time. But I was so shocked when arrived. It is not new café but refer to the line of queue, I know this café is famous yet “hits” when it comes to millennials words for Instagram-able places.

Gormetaria café is located in Pasir kaliki Street, not difficult to be reached from both train station and Husein Sastranegara Airport. Consist of total 3 floors but at that time only 1 floor is used because the 2nd floor still under renovating. 1st floor is only for parking but limited area but you can also use the area beside the café because I heard that the owner is same.

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Spotted the catchy words
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One of unique stuff

Enter the café you need to walk upstairs. You will welcomed by the catchy words in the stairs that lead you to the 2nd floor. 2nd floor is quite spacious with big table for barista and bunch of local snack surrounded, small space in front of the elevator for waiting,  main room and stairs to 3rd floor. Go and check the stairs. The stairs is mandatory spot for photo! It decorated differently based on the occasion. This time is decorated full of artificial flowers yet still gorgeous! Looking to another blog, it happened to decorated with Christmas theme. Cute!

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The frontliner
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Flower everywhere!

It took about 1 hour for me (yeah!) to get the table and there were some people cancel the visit due to long waiting list (They placed on number 11). So I give you advise to reserve the table before (by phone, I guess) if you really want to come.

We were not so enjoy the ambience much because it really crowded inside but we still have a time to observe the interior. There is unique stuff here and there increasing the aesthetic such as old motorcycle is some spot, big doll (we spot gorilla and bear!) in cozy sofa, and sculpture look alike from steel and some like robot with light inside. Oh well, I’m not an interior design geeks but I enjoy the design thou. Very unique!

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Can you find the Gorilla?

Most of the material is wood from tile to sailing but the table and desk is mixed by the wood, steel and comfort sofas in some area. So it is not purely forest look alike but also blended with industrial touch. The icon of this café is actually gorillas so that it is related to the big picture of forest in some area that makes you feel you are in the juggle (spot the gorillas in the picture if you can) and the picture can change during the daytime.

We ordered 3 kinds of food and all is main course since we were starving! There were salmon sandwich, green Thai curry pasta and fish and chips. The good part is the services are very well. All the staff is handy and helpful and food also surprisingly coming quite fast if refer to the number of guest at that time.

Sorry, only 1 dish is captured because we were too focusing on eating. LOL.

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Green Thai curry pasta

We are expecting to get very delicious foods refer to the appearance but it was not actually. Well, it is not bad but taste just nice and we can say is worth the price. If we were has more time to spend, we would choose coconut crème brulee and Thai layer cake as a dessert.

Surely will back to this place to spend more time to enjoy the ambiance, food and of course more photo! 😀


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