When I got the invitation to join the trip to Banyuwangi, the first thing that comes to my mind was Kawah Ijen crater. All of you might interest more in blue fire that claimed only happened in 2 places. I am searching a lot about this issue since I kind of doubt that, really only in 2 places?

Thanks to my favorite travel blogger Mas Ariev, who mentioned some article explains this phenomena might happen in other mountain because so far I remember from college lesson that color of fire simplified depend on the type of fuel involve in combustion. Believe me, when it comes to the details chemical reaction I will burst my head off. LOL. If you interested and want to know detail information, go check out this article.

Even the fact that blue fire not only be seen in Iceland and Mount Ijen, I still excited to go there.

But there’s always a first time for everything – Mellisa de la Cruz

I am so excited because this is my first time to climb a mountain. I do enjoy the cold breeze using layering clothes because hey winter outfit looks very cool, but when it comes to trekking about 2 hours non-stop to reach 2,700-ish km above sea level hmm this is a different story.

The guide informed us earlier that blue fire might be difficult to see because the rainy season is coming then our target is to see the sun rise. Trekking started at 2 am (yes, you read it right, 2 damn AM) thinking it is too early? Ooh, if you want to see the blue fire so badly, you have to start earlier!

So grateful, there is no rain on last 2 days so we can expect the track in good condition. For me as a first timer to do trekking, the path is quite wide and smooth but still required proper footwear. Make sure to bring a head lamp because the surrounding is very dark. The only light you can see is coming from people’s lamp crossing to you and the sky full of start if you are lucky enough. Do not forget to wear warm clothes better to use a layering technique than use very thick jacket/coat.

Almost give up.

Because 2 days before the trip I got fever, cough and it was getting worse until a night before the day. Bad cough make me hard to breathe even in normal condition, how can I climb the mountain then? But, I do believe that your body will always find a mysterious way to heal, especially when your master mind instructed to do so.


Your mind is the most powerful medicine – unknown

I refuse to use “ojek gerobak” to reach the rim. The reason not only the price is expensive (600K IDR for two ways) but also I want to check the bucket list of experience climb the mountain.  I need to admit I spent 1 hours longer than normal time of trekking, I cannot catch the breathe sometimes due to bad cough but in the end I did it!



There are many spots you can enjoy and all the spots are extremely beautiful. You need to walk another 1.5 km north along the narrow trail to get a good spot of sunrise. While waiting for the sun rises, you also can see amazing view of a blue tortoise lake in crater rim.


Different from those 2 spots, there is also an area which gives forestry looks into your eyes. The forested area reminds me of the autumn season in any area of Tokyo, of course I know from the picture, because never experience it myself. Sad.


Indeed, I feel amazed with the fantastic scenery in Mount Ijen. It is totally BEAUTIFUL. Now, I do understand many people saying that climb the mountain could give your addiction.

Do I change my preferences from mountain to beach? Let’s see.


Special thanks to new friend of mine Rere, definitely beach girl but also good at mountain 🙂

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